Great Organisations Are Those That Find Ways to Empower Employees

At EMP3 we work with organisations to infuse employees with the emotional capital they need to develop a meaningful connection to their company.

Employee Empowerment Workshops

We believe that employees need to be encouraged to see their roles as ambassadors of their companies.  To view their work not just as jobs but as opportunities to bring their best selves to work. The employee workshops we provide enable every worker to proudly own their role, irrespective of their job title, while building unique relationships with their managers, fellow colleagues and customers.

Employee Empowerment Workshops for managers

To maintain a competitive edge, organisations can no longer expect the employee to operate in the traditional way. With the unprecedented change in the global market, today‚Äôs employees need to exceed the expectations of their  employers if they wants to recruit and retain the best staff.

We help managers inspire staff to improve performance while rekindling in staff the reason why they joined the company.

In all of our workshops, programmes and seminars we aim to provide an immersive experience that will bring about positive behavioural change.

Career Coaching

We offer one to one career coaching