Who We Are

Pauline Curtis EMP3 founder

“My Story

As a senior criminal lawyer, I anticipated that as a result of the rapid changes in the legal profession, my role as a lawyer was going to undergo major changes. I realised that in order for my skills to remain relevant and sought after, I had to be proactive in identifying and seizing opportunities that would broaden my skills and at the same time, promote the vision of the organisation I worked for. In doing so, I created a unique approach that allowed me to become a game-changer.

As an employee, my attitude was not to bury my head in the sand, but to embrace this change. I became an informal ambassador of the organisation, as I looked for ways to contribute towards promoting the organisation's vision and mission, both inside and outside the company. As a result of my changed attitude towards my role I set my own personal standard of excellence, which was much higher than what was expected of me. I adhered to this standard, even when no one was watching me. Most importantly, I found a way to bring my passion for empowering others to work.

I realised that my new attitude towards how I worked was making such a difference in the way I performed that I became excited at the prospect of sharing my secret with others. Can you imagine an organisation where all staff considered what they needed to do in order to be as productive as possible, while making the most impact on the business?

Imagine your employees embodying the values of your organisation and having a fierce understanding of the mission you want  to achieve! 

Here are a few of the projects and initiatives I created as an employee using the tools and strategies I developed:

  • Design and deliver Employee Empowerment Workshops – Development through unique coaching tools
  • Founder of Aiming Higher Community Mentoring  an award winning, accredited community mentoring programme.
  • Design and deliver the Passion2work Programme – Encourages employees to find ways to inject what they are passionate about into their work
  • Design and deliver the Breakfast Club – a career coaching club



  • Accreditation for Aiming Higher Community Mentoring; described as an outstanding Mentoring programme 
  • The Law Society Excellence Award for Highly Commended in House Solicitor in 2013
  • Winner of the Staff Award for "Outstanding Contribution for Fairness and Equality"
  • Winner of the Staff Network "Excellence Award for the Development of Others"
  • NLP practitioner 
  • Civil service Accredited Executive coach 
  • Keynote Speak